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Synergies are identified and achieved with thoughtful planning and implementation. Buyers and their teams must use care to research, analyze and understand the basis and integrity of the data going into financial calculations, as well as how compliance, information privacy and cyber-security-related weaknesses or errors may impact future business performance. No business is perfect, and areas of past non-compliance can cause significant errors in current projections and future operations if not discovered and appropriately addressed. Our team works with yours to evaluate, manage and execute transactions of all sizes and complexities.

As an organization focused on accurate, efficient and effective transaction evaluation and facilitation, we provide:

  • Sell side consultation and transaction preparation, including compliance, privacy and cyber security risk assessments, analyses and improvement
  • Buy side diligence planning and execution, including risk-based compliance, privacy and cybersecurity due diligence activities
  • Post-closing follow-up, integration and improvement of compliance, privacy and cyber security activities, functions and programs

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