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Every business, no matter the size or industry, is at risk for legal disputes, business risks, and regulatory and compliance-related challenges. When issues arise for your organization, it’s critical to have a team of experts that understands your industry and brings specific experience to your unique situation. Granite GRC assists organizations through all the phases of pre-litigation and litigation. Through in-depth analyses, and by developing creative solutions to difficult challenges, Granite GRC’s professionals support success while easing the impact of legal proceedings, allowing organizations to better focus on their primary purposes – serving customers and driving business growth.

As an organization focused on supporting success in litigation, we provide:

  • Systems and transactions assessments and analyses
  • Performance of (and consultation and support for) internal investigations
  • Forensic evidence collection and analysis
  • Assistance with interrogatories, document requests and document reviews
  • Support for depositions and other interviews
  • E-discovery and data mining
  • Trial exhibits and courtroom presentations
  • Expert witness testimony

To learn more about how we assist organizations like yours, please visit our Organizations page, or please fill out and submit the contact form to the right and a Granite GRC Consulting team member will be in touch soon.


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