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Organizations with skilled and knowledgeable investigation and audit staff identify risks, trouble spots and trends, delivering quality, reliable information to their management and leadership teams. Unfortunately, internal analyses and investigations are often cited as among the weakest links in organizations’ self-governance efforts. With the advice and support of Granite GRC’s experienced professionals, organizations perform these critical tasks strategically and effectively, providing leadership with actionable information and insights, and solid recommendations and support for appropriate corrective and preventive actions.

As an organization focused on effective analyses and investigations with actionable results, we provide:

  • Systems and transactions assessments and analyses
  • Performance of (and consultation and support for) internal investigations
  • Forensic evidence collection and analysis
  • Third party risk evaluation and management
  • Credible, risk-appropriate resolutions, including corrective and preventive actions
  • Advice and support for matters involving mandatory and voluntary self-reporting
  • Guidance and assistance with interactions with government and other officials
  • Crisis response and communications

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