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Many organizations routinely receive, hold and transmit some of the most important confidential and sensitive information available. As technologies progress, so do the efforts and skills of criminals that would access and use this information for their own benefit. Whether for sale, for blackmail, or for corporate espionage, there have been steady and significant upticks in cybercriminal activities intended to exploit company and individual vulnerabilities. Granite GRC’s team of skilled and experienced information technology and cyber security professionals has partnered with clients for decades to assess security risks and developing creative solutions to address concerns and gaps within information technology-related structures and performance.

As an organization focused on the safe and effective use of information technologies and cyber security, we provide:

  • Data collection, organization, analyses, and protection
  • Technology environment and vulnerability assessment and testing
  • Intrusion, virus and malware detection
  • Cyber-security tools, platforms and programs
  • Incident and breach management and reporting
  • Security Identification Event Management (SIEM)
  • Security framework adoption
  • Firewall configuration and monitoring
  • Mock agency audits and evaluations
  • Virtual and consulting cyber security officers

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