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Identifying and addressing trouble spots, avoiding surprises, and getting quality, reliable information is key to protecting the privacy and security of your confidential and sensitive information.  Granite GRC helps you to proactively identify, assess and mitigate information privacy and cyber security-related risks and their potential effects on your organization, while improving the effectiveness and efficiency of targeted operational areas.

As an organization focused on protecting the privacy and security of confidential and sensitive information, we provide:

  • Organizational systems and transactions assessments, testing and analyses
  • Controls and program design, effectiveness reviews and benchmarking
  • Mock agency audits and evaluations
  • Third party risk evaluation and management
  • Incident and breach management and reporting
  • Policies, procedures, and processes
  • Education and training materials and programs
  • Auditing and monitoring techniques and execution
  • Interim and consulting information privacy and security officers

To learn more about how we assist organizations like yours, please visit our Organizations page, or please fill out and submit the contact form to the right and a Granite GRC Consulting team member will be in touch soon.


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