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Well-honed medical record documentation is central to almost every aspect of good patient care, payment and liability management. Among the most significant challenges can be documenting to the varying standards of “medical necessity” provided by health care payors and other authorities. Strong documentation is even more important when under the scrutiny of our legal system. Experienced Granite GRC professionals collaborate with health care providers across the spectrum to examine, assess, improve, and where appropriate defend their medical record documentation.

As an organization focused on supporting quality medical record documentation that demonstrates revenue integrity and quality of care, Granite GRC’s professionals help health care providers to:

  • Produce consistent, accurate, specific, detailed medical documentation, effecting enhanced and efficient patient care
  • Achieve a high order of specific, accurate, and detailed medical documentation to help to ensure the most precise payor coding, resulting in optimal and appropriate payment for their services, and reduced payment denials
  • Improve revenue cycle efficiency and effectiveness, reducing revenue leakage and improving policies, processes, workflows and results
  • Provide medical records with reduced ambiguity, inconsistency, or clinical incompleteness to reduce risks associated with legal matters and/or external reviews
  • Defend the clinical appropriateness of documented services before a variety of tribunals, including federal and state agencies and boards, in arbitration proceedings and in the courts

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