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The best board advisors are experienced professionals who have been board members themselves. Our team works with board members and executive leadership to manage and better ensure effective information flow, critical decision-making, and well-honed board and executive oversight. With actionable insights and solutions, we help you to maintain sustainable success for your organization.

As an organization focused on insightful, sound performance, we provide:

  • Board and executive coaching and mentoring
  • Best governance practices, policies and processes
  • Enterprise risk management strategies and execution
  • Compliance, privacy, and information management structures and programs
  • Communication strategies and programs
  • Auditing and monitoring strategies and programs
  • Internal investigations and analyses
  • Litigation support, including agency and shareholder inquiries and actions
  • Interim and consulting risk, compliance, information privacy and cyber security officers

To learn more about how we assist organizations like yours, please visit our Organizations page, or please fill out and submit the contact form to the right and a Granite GRC Consulting team member will be in touch soon.


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