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Podcast: Jeffrey B. Miller, Esq. Discusses Cybersecurity, Telehealth and the Future of Healthcare Delivery with Warehaus

Jun 18, 2020 | Resources

Jeffrey B. Miller, Esq., Director-in-Charge at Granite GRC Consulting, recently appeared as a guest on a Warehaus podcast hosted by Matt Falvey. The podcast covered a range of topics focused on apparent and hidden business risks related to COVID-19, remotely working teams, cyber security, telehealth, and the future of healthcare delivery after COVID-19.


During the conversation Miller and Falvey touched on the following topics:

  • Apparent and hidden business risks related to COVID-19
  • The impact of remote teams on cyber security
  • Identifying and mitigating cyber security risks
  • Executing, managing and making the most of telehealth
  • Preparing for the future of healthcare delivery

The healthcare environment evolves quickly, and with this transformation comes new opportunities for success and risks of failure.  Great organizations plan ahead. If your organization is impacted by these recent shifts and transformations, the Granite GRC Consulting team can help. Send us an email at or call (717) 556-1088 to learn more or to set up a consultation.