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Transaction Evaluation and Facilitation

Efficiently bringing key insights that drive sound decisions in the fast-paced deal environment.

Today’s deal environment moves fast, and successful investors must adequately research their targets to make well informed decisions. Granite GRC’s experienced professionals have the skills and knowledge to deliver insightful and responsive analyses that address your needs and leave you confident that you have the information you need to make sound decisions. More, Granite GRC has the organizational agility and resources to provide that information when you need it. Our diligence teams are built to be comprehensive and effective, yet efficient and fast, often delivering high quality reports in as little as three weeks. Following deal close, Granite GRC can leverage this information and its experience to help you unlock the full value of your investment through integrating your new organization – strategically and operationally. Whether you’re expanding your existing organization or extending into new areas, we’ll work fast to provide you with the quality information and experienced insights you need – when you need it – to address all of your questions and concerns.

Addressing Needs and Challenges

Our trusted advisors are recognized authorities in their areas of expertise, many with more than three decades of industry experience working on M&A transactions similar to yours. They’ve sat in your seat and have known what it’s like to drive high-pressure deals. We use that experience to work hard to find great solutions that benefit you.

  • We communicate frequently and transparently with you and your team about budgets, timelines and goals to ensure we begin and remain aligned throughout the process 
  • We measure and monitor progress regularly and offer reports to allow you to change course and redirect resources when necessary to best fit your strategies
  • We structure and manage our operations for quality, nimbleness and efficiency to get you our insights on point, on time and within budget

“Having facilitated more than 100 transactions for more than 30 corporations, private equity and venture capital firms, Granite GRC’s experienced professionals are highly skilled practitioners in effective diligence and post-close integration – particularly in healthcare, the life sciences, and consumer goods spaces. We give you confidence that you understand your investment and that you are getting a good deal – and we help you achieve it!”

– from Jeffrey Miller, Director-in-Charge


We have vast experience working with a variety of industries, including:

  • Healthcare services, including hospitals, clinical laboratories, physicians and dentists (all specialties), behavioral health, home health and home care, hospice and palliative care, and pharmacies
  • The life sciences, including medical device and biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies and durable medical equipment companies, as well as consumer goods companies such as personal care and cosmetics companies

Products & Services

Cross-Industry Services

  • Sophisticated data analyses and insights
  • Legal and regulatory risk identification and analyses
  • Operational analyses
  • Compliance and privacy program assessments and benchmarking –US and OUS
  • Cyber security assessments and benchmarking
  • Efficient and effective post-transaction gap remediation and integration (1st 100 days)
  • Compliance and privacy program developmentand implementation, including consulting, part time and interim compliance and privacy officers

Healthcare Specific Services

  • Payor agreement analyses and benchmarking
  • Documentation, coding, and billing assessments (traditional and value-based care payment and reimbursement methodologies)
  • Clinical medical necessity reviews
  • Program and payor conditions of participation assessments
  •  JCAHO assessments
  • State licensure assessments
  • OSHA assessments
  • DEA assessments

Life Sciences Specific Assessments

  • Clinical research and product development
  • Quality systems
  • FDA and notified body inspections, communications and meetings
  • Contracted research, manufacturing, labs, and sales organizations
  • Discounts, rebates and price concessions
  • Product marketing and sale
  • Commercial and government contracting
  • Preceptorships, proctorships and training
  • Physician consulting services
  • Patient assistance programs
  • Grants, and charitable donations
  • Interactions with government officials
  • Transparency reporting
  • FAC / import/ export sanctions

Success Stories

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the Granite GRC team on several deals over the past few years. You have all been incredibly responsive, professional, and collaborative as we tackled some pretty complex issues. We look forward to working with you on many more!”

– from Thomas Verghese, Partner, TPG Rise

Meet the Transaction Evaluation and Facilitation Team Lead

Jeffrey B. Miller, Esq.


Jeffrey B. Miller, Esq. is a trusted advisor for clients across the business spectrum, with an emphasis on businesses involved in healthcare and the life sciences, and their supporting service providers and suppliers. Working with clients that range from start-up organizations to large, complex international conglomerates, Jeff collaborates with organizational owners, board members, financial backers (including private equity), executive management and staff of all levels to strategically address corporate governance matters and challenges, risk identification, mitigation and management, information privacy, cyber security, payment, reimbursement and revenue integrity, and corporate ethics and compliance. Jeff’s services focus on improving the effectiveness, quality, integrity, compliance, speed, and efficiency of organizational operations, while enhancing company value.

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