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Experienced, skilled leadership in enterprise risk management is key to anticipating and managing successful organizations in volatile or highly regulated business environments. Granite GRC’s experienced organizational and risk management leaders bring you the insights and skills needed to predict, mitigate and manage risks, and in many cases, turn these risks into opportunities for organizational improvement, revenue enhancement, and competitive advantage.

As an organization focused on identifying and managing risks, and turning them into opportunities, we provide:

  • Risk identification, assessment, mitigation and management plans and execution
  • Risk function and program design, effectiveness analysis and benchmarking
  • Risk function and program development and implementation
  • Risk to opportunity identification, planning and transformation
  • Policies, procedures and best practices
  • Education and training programs
  • Systems and transactions assessment and analyses
  • Incident investigations and analyses
  • Third party risk evaluation and management
  • Interim and consulting risk officer services

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