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Pharmacy Services

Providing pharmacy solutions and operational excellence for independent, inhouse and contracted pharmacy services.

Optimizing revenue opportunities and efficiencies is a key to success in today’s tight healthcare market. Well operated pharmacies offer significant opportunities – whether independent, in-house or contracted pharmacy services. Whatever your circumstances, Granite GRC’s experienced pharmacies and health care providers succeed.

Rising to the Challenges

Granite GRC’s Pharmacy Services group works with works with independent pharmacies and pharamcy chains, as well as healthcare providers including behavioral health providers, critical access hospitals, hospital systems, continuing care retirement communities (CCRC’s) to address pharmacy operations and revenue optimization.

Our dedicated team is highly experienced in all facets of pharmacy services and operations. Whether you are looking to improve you existing operations or reimbursement, start your own pharmacy, switch pharmacy providers or need an honest, unbiased assessment of the services you are currently receiving, we are committed to offering your team the tools, strategies and best practice solutions your organization needs. We work with leadership, management and staff, holding ourselves accountable throughout the process:


  • Evaluate your pharmacy operations to identify areas needing improvement
  • We work closely with your team to establish and achieve pharmacy goals
  • We communicate frequently and transparently with your pharmacy team about identified goals and areas of improvement, while providing training and resources for goals to be met
  • We measure and monitor progress and deliver reports offering customer strategies and solutions
  • We support monitoring and performance improvement metrics for organizational accountability of pharmacy services

“Whether starting new pharmacies or optimizing your existing operations, expanding your footprint, negotiating contracted services, gaining proper payment, evaluating new technologies, or switching pharmacy providers, experience in understanding and addressing your operational and payment challenges sets Granite GRC apart.”

– from Michael Battler, PharmD, Senior Consultant

“Pharmacy service optimization is a key part of the Long Term Care and Behavioral Healthcare Practice Group’s revenue cycle service management. By creating efficient processes and optimizing operations our clients are experiencing positive growth and increased customer satisfaction with pharmacy services.”

– from Dr. C. Lynn Ruppersberger-Swisher, Managing Consultant, Clinical Services and Operations

Trusted Guidance, Hands-On Approach

We take aim at your most pressing challenges and provide recommendations in all areas of pharmacy operations. For new pharmacy design we guide your team step by step in the process of creating an in-house pharmacy service, stepping back only when all staff are trained and competent to run the pharmacy operations. We strive to empower employees and the facility to achieve their goals and create solutions as challenges arise so ongoing success is sustained.

Pharmacy services is supported by our Clinical Assessment, Risk Management and Compliance Practice Group.

Achieving and Measuring Progress

Issues we can help identify and address:

  • Pharmacy Services Contract Analysis
  • Pharmacy Operations
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Formulary Management
  • Electronic Health Record Integration
  • Wholesaler/GPO
  • Third Party Audits
  • Packaging Technology
  • Vendor Selection

We’ve started pharmacy services from an idea to reality in all healthcare service areas. The Pharmacy Services Team consistently delivers stellar results for clients – we know we can help you.

Inspiring Innovation

Our services are focused on strategies that inspire leadership to implement solutions and encourage staff to be accountable and to hold others accountable. We create communication plans for transparency and risk management, provide metrics for performance improvement accountability, and offer training and support for our services.

Our team gains a deep understanding of your organization and suggests ways to allocate resources to foster innovation, maximize use of technology and refine your market niche.

We measure progress daily, weekly, and monthly, which lets you change course and redirect resources when necessary to eliminate processes that aren’t working and amplify those that are.

Our Success Stories

Granite GRC’s professionals were able to restructure the workflow of a pharmacy to increase efficiency and reduce waste. As a result the client saved $125,000 during the first year following the work.

Granite GRC’s professionals helped a pharmacy client implement a hub and spoke model to streamline cycle dispenses and eliminate redundancies across pharmacies. With the new model in place, the client was able to eliminate two full FTE positions. The change was also able to reduce dispensing errors increasing customer satisfaction.

Granite GRC’s professionals were able to boost a client’s service offerings to its LTC customers by utilizing the existing Electronic Health Record to add pharmacy integration, compliance packaging, barcode scanning, and remote dispensing machines all while keeping the project within the timeline and budget.

Meet the Pharmacy Services Team Lead

Michael Battler, PharmaD

Senior Consultant

Michael holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He has spent the last 15 years in pharmacy management and operations for an independent pharmacy helping to expand its pharmacy from one location to four. His vast experience in pharmacy integration, workflow management, and contract negotiation drive his desire for creating efficient and profitable operations

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