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Long-Term Care

Helping healthcare staff lead innovation and organizational excellence.

We all know long-term care presents a unique and complex set of circumstances for healthcare workers. This often leads to burnout and poor outcomes for residents, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We can provide you and your staff with the tools you need to navigate these challenges and lead the way to a culture of excellence, high worker satisfaction, and outstanding care.

Granite GRC’s Long-Term Care Practice Group works with healthcare providers, physicians, continuing care retirement facilities (CCRCs) and critical-access hospitals to address critical operational points, support team members, and plan for residents’ chronic medical conditions, sustained needs, and palliative care.

Rising to the Challenges

Our dedicated team is highly experienced in all facets of administrative operations and frontline care. We are committed to offering your staff the tools, strategies and best practices that will elevate your quality of care; help leadership and staff set and achieve goals; streamline operations for greater efficiencies; improve morale and communication; reduce turnover, and so much more.

We work with your facility and train staff, holding ourselves accountable throughout the process:

  • We evaluate your operation to identify areas needing improvement.
  • We work closely with you to establish and achieve concrete goals.
  • We communicate frequently and transparently with your team about these goals and areas of improvement while providing the training and resources they need to meet their goals.
  • We measure and monitor progress and deliver reports with customized strategies and solutions.
  • We support a Quality/Performance Improvement process for organizational accountability.

    “We’ve been there — we understand your critical challenges,” assures Granite GRC’s C. Lynn Ruppersberger-Swisher, PhD, Managing Consultant, and Long-Term Care Practice Group Lead.

    “We ensure that your teams understand the magnitude of what they need to accomplish, and they are shaping and filling their innovation portfolios accordingly,” Lynn explains.

    “What’s more, they’re not only measuring progress along the way, they are also managing against it — translating the initiatives into discrete goals to ensure that each individual is doing their part.”

    Trusted Guidance, Hands-On Approach

    We take aim at your most pressing challenges and provide recommendations in all areas of long-term care. We delve directly into operations, staff interaction and performance, and coach your team in numerous scenarios for best practices. We strive to empower your providers to achieve their goals, innovate with out-of-the-box thinking and challenge conventional methods to change less-than-ideal company cultures.

    Long-term care is supported by our Clinical Assessment, Risk Management and Compliance (LTC) Practice Group in the areas of governance, finance, operations, risk management, staff retention and more. LTC assesses and recommends solutions to improve operations, communications, efficiencies, and morale.

    Inspiring Innovation

    Our training programs are focused on management success strategies and inspire leadership to implement solutions and encourage staff to be accountable and to hold others accountable. We create communication plans for transparency and risk management, provide metrics for performance improvement accountability, and offer training and support for our services.

    Our team gains a deep understanding of your organization and suggests ways to allocate resources to foster innovation, maximize use of technology and refine your market niche.

    We measure progress daily, weekly, and monthly, which lets you change course and redirect resources when necessary to eliminate processes that aren’t working and amplify those that are.

    Achieving and Measuring Progress

    After we identify the issues throughout your organization, we help your leadership and staff understand what needs to be done, how to measure progress, how to translate initiatives into specific goals, and how to ensure that individuals are fully engaged to do their part. Understanding the roles of different departments and job functions is crucial toward this end. Educating staff to help them understand how day-to-day decisions are made across your organization can help CEOs and CFOs shift their focus to strategic leadership and organizational development.

    Issues we can help identify and address:

    • Payment and reimbursement, including data analytics, payor contracts, audits, and appeals
    • Documentation and coding
    • Corporate compliance
    • Risk management
    • Information privacy and cyber security
    • Inefficiencies in operations and operational and fiscal challenges
    • Lack of staff accountability
    • High staff turnover and/or low morale
    • Inconsistent application of performance improvement metrics
    • Limited growth and poor service satisfaction

    Meet the Long-Term Care Team Lead

    C. Lynn Ruppersberger-Swisher, PhD, MBA, RN, NHA, CHCQM, FAIHQ

    Managing Consultant, Long-Term Care Team Lead

    Lynn has nearly three decades of experience in healthcare operations, quality, and management. Her expertise in organizational psychology, clinical care, clinical research, managed care, and administration reflects her vast experience as a multidisciplinary, respected professional. Lynn provides management communication, leadership excellence and service excellence coaching to individual healthcare professionals as well as healthcare facilities

    Rick Reed

    Senior Consultant

    Rick Reed is an experienced compliance and privacy officer and attorney with over 20 years of experience leading companies in their efforts to design, build and maintain effective and efficient compliance and privacy programs. Rick is skilled in handling multiple member and multiple jurisdictional data breaches. He interprets HIPAA and GDPR regulations and understands their impact on clinical and business operations. Rick’s work experience spans healthcare payors, heath systems and hospitals, long term care and senior living, diagnostics, and biotech. With a record of forming effective teams, providing support to senior leadership, and effectively communicating meaningful information to all applicable stakeholders, Rick builds successful outcomes for organizations of all sizes.

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