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Investigations, Disputes and

Litigation Support

Strengthening cases and companies through exceptional experience, professional skills, and knowledge.

Granite GRC’s Investigations, Disputes and Litigation Support team includes skilled executives, attorneys, compliance and privacy officers, accountants, actuaries and other professionals with decades of experience. In addition to leading national and global companies and functions, many team members are nationally or internationally recognized speakers or authors, and many are experienced expert witnesses. Drawing upon our combined wealth of skills, experience, and knowledge we help companies and their counsel successfully navigate investigations, disputes and litigations, as well their associated challenges.

Addressing Needs and Challenges

Our trusted advisors are recognized authorities in their areas of expertise, many with more than three decades of experience working inside enterprises similar to our clients. They’ve sat in their seats and have known what it’s like to address these kinds of concerns from inside an organization. We use that experience to work collaboratively with our clients and their attorneys to develop and execute efficient and effective strategies that help to foster successful outcomes. In addition, we:

  • We communicate frequently and transparently about goals and methods  to ensure everyone understands what’s expected of them.
  • We measure and monitor progress regularly and offer updates that let clients and their attorneys change course and redirect resources when necessary or appropriate.
  • We regularly work to streamline our operations for greater efficiencies that can improve effectiveness, reduce costs, and so much more.

“Granite GRC’s professionals have held in-house, senior level positions in key areas such as finance and operations, healthcare services, law, risk management and regulatory and commercial compliance. Many are also nationally or internationally recognized public speakers or authors, as well as experienced expert witnesses. Together this team provides our clients with strong skills and advantages in any investigations or disputes, and any resulting litigation.”

– from Jeffrey Miller, Director-in-Charge

Products & Services

  • Document and data collection, interviews and document reviews, including comprehensive document and electronic data discovery
  • Assistance with responding to subpoenas, requests for information and discovery requests
  • Deposition and trial strategy assistance, including case analyses
  • Assessment and benchmarking of internal systems, controls and transactions, including compliance, privacy and security regulatory requirements and industry standards
  • Documentation, coding and billing audits
  • Internal investigations and self-disclosure
  • Quantification of damages, including potential underpayments and over payments
  • Expert witness report development and testimony
  • Trial preparation
  • Settlement negotiation and support
  • Post-settlement agreement implementation

Increasing numbers of organizations are negotiating settlement agreements with government authorities, including Consent Decrees, Deferred Prosecution Agreements and Corporate Integrity Agreements. Many of these agreements require the services of an Internal Review Organization (IRO) to fulfill activities as outlined in the agreements. Granite GRC’s professionals have negotiated and lead companies and functions operating under these agreements, as well as performed as IRO for many other companies. Whether assisting companies to comply with these agreements, or operating as an internal review organization, we facilitate implementation and execution while working to reduce disruption to companies’ daily operations.

Success Stories

“We received the arbitration decision today and it was a complete victory. Thank you for all of your help and your persuasive testimony. The arbitrator clearly understood the issues and you certainly influenced his decision!”

– from Brad Elias, Esq., Counsel at O’Melveny & Myers, LLP

Meet the Investigations, Disputes and Litigation Support Team Leads

Jeffrey B. Miller, Esq.


Jeffrey B. Miller, Esq. is a trusted advisor for clients across the business spectrum, with an emphasis on businesses involved in healthcare and the life sciences, and their supporting service providers and suppliers. Working with clients that range from start-up organizations to large, complex international conglomerates, Jeff collaborates with organizational owners, board members, financial backers (including private equity), executive management and staff of all levels to strategically address corporate governance matters and challenges, risk identification, mitigation and management, information privacy, cyber security, payment, reimbursement and revenue integrity, and corporate ethics and compliance. Jeff’s services focus on improving the effectiveness, quality, integrity, compliance, speed, and efficiency of organizational operations, while enhancing company value.

Headshot of Clivetty Martinez, Senior Consultant at Granite GRC Consulting

Clivetty Martinez, Ph.D., CCEP, CHC, MOT

Director, Compliance and Privacy Services

Clivetty Martinez, Ph.D., CCEP, CHC, MOT, is an internationally recognized, seasoned professional with global compliance and privacy experience in the healthcare, life sciences and consumer products industries. She has designed, built, developed, and led global compliance and privacy programs at several multinational companies across the pharmaceutical, consumer products, medical device, lab services and animal health industries. She has held several positions of increasing responsibilities up to and including Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer in national and global companies including Johnson & Johnson, Myriad Genetics, Akorn Pharmaceuticals, Perrigo, and Wyeth.

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