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Information Privacy and Security

Achieving and sustaining strong operational performance and long-term
sustainability through solid information privacy and security practices.

Our trusted advisors are recognized authorities in their areas of expertise, many with more than three decades of healthcare industry experience working inside enterprises similar to yours. They’ve sat in your seat and know what it’s like to address concerns from inside an organization. We use that experience to find great solutions that benefit you. “After we identify the issues throughout your organization, together we address your most pressing challenges, recommend solutions and design customized programs and training,” says Granite GRC Director, Crystal Stalter. “We are passionate about helping your team achieve success.”

Addressing Needs and Challenges

  • We communicate frequently and transparently with your team about goals and ensure everyone understands what’s expected of them.
  • Our strategies help leadership and staff hold themselves accountable.
  • We measure and monitor progress regularly and offer reports that let you change course and redirect resources when necessary to eliminate processes that aren’t working and amplify those that are.
  • We support you during critical organizational transitions, investigations, inspections, audits, transformations, and other events.
  • We streamline operations for greater efficiencies; improve morale and communication; reduce turnover, and so much more.

Vigilance in the protection of the privacy and security of information – even in an environment filled advanced threats and complex regulatory requirements – is achievable with the right expertise and technologies. Granite GRC’s experienced privacy and security professionals help organizations protect their information through performing insightful assessments, and providing solid policies, strong training, and effective technologies. With our help you can identify and address your trouble spots, avoid surprises, and maintain and obtain reliable information through instituting effective information privacy and security controls.

“Experience is the best teacher, and Granite GRC’s accomplished professionals have led successful privacy functions around the world. Using their first-hand knowledge and well honed skills they provide the insights and assistance you need to maintain compliance while operating with the speed, efficiency and customer focus the competitive market demands.”

– from Jeff Miller, Director-in-Charge

“Our data protection concept is that privacy should be easy. That’s why we encourage and provide quality data management tools that are easy to use and help you assess, implement, and be ready for any questions from regulators. This simplicity, combined with our expertise and in-house experience, is what separates us from other consulting companies.”

– from Clivetty Martinez, PhD, Senior Consultant

Products & Services

  • Part time and interim consulting privacy officer, DPO (Data Protection Officer) and/or security officers
  • Board and management advisory
  • Privacy and security program strategy, design, and execution
  • Privacy and security program evaluations and gap mitigation
  • Data privacy impact assessments, including risk mitigation and management
  • Effective policies, procedures and systems
  • Education and training – live and via e-learning platforms
  • Interactions with government officials, including responding to data privacy authorities
  • Data protection agreements and standardcontractual clauses
  • Breach investigations and responses, including reporting
  • Transactional, planning, buy-side and sell-side diligence
  • Post transaction integration

Success Stories

As privacy and security officers for companies across the professional services and manufacturing spaces, including law firms, physician practices, consumer goods companies, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, and clinical laboratories Granite GRC’s professionals protect and help to manage millions of instances of confidential information for companies worldwide.

Meet the Information Privacy and Security Team Leads

Jeffrey B. Miller, Esq.


Jeffrey B. Miller, Esq. is a trusted advisor for clients across the business spectrum, with an emphasis on businesses involved in healthcare and the life sciences, and their supporting service providers and suppliers. Working with clients that range from startup organizations to large, complex international conglomerates, Jeff collaborates with organizational owners, board members, financial backers (including private equity), executive management and staff of all levels to strategically address corporate governance matters and challenges, risk identification, mitigation and management, information privacy, cyber security, payment, reimbursement and revenue integrity, and corporate ethics and compliance. Jeff’s services focus on improving the effectiveness, quality, integrity, compliance, speed, and efficiency of organizational operations, while enhancing company value.

Headshot of Clivetty Martinez, Senior Consultant at Granite GRC Consulting

Clivetty Martinez, Ph.D., CCEP, CHC, MOT

Director, Compliance and Privacy Services

Clivetty Martinez, Ph.D., CCEP, CHC, MOT, is an internationally recognized, seasoned professional with global compliance and privacy experience in the healthcare, life sciences and consumer products industries. She has designed, built, developed, and led global compliance and privacy programs at several multinational companies across the pharmaceutical, consumer products, medical device, lab services and animal health industries. She has held several positions of increasing responsibilities up to and including Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer in national and global companies including Johnson & Johnson, Myriad Genetics, Akorn Pharmaceuticals, Perrigo, and Wyeth

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