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Cyber Security

Taking control of your network security in an increasingly unpredictable environment.

Our security team offers a comprehensive selection of services to help you identify your weaknesses and protect your network while satisfying applicable regulatory requirements. Making digital security available to everyone, we offer a variety of options and approaches with 5 star service and at prices that make sense to the bottom line.

Rising to the Challenges

Granite GRC’s Cyber Security team works with large and smaller organizations across healthcare, the life sciences, professional services and other areas of business to protect their companies and clients from the persistent and growing threats of our modern environment. Our dedicated team is highly experienced in all facets of information privacy and security. Whether you are assessing existing security controls, improving the security of an existing network, or initiating a new security approach we are committed to offering you the tools, strategies and best practice solutions that best fit your situation.

    “Granite GRC provides comprehensive cyber security strategies and approaches. The good guys have to worry about covering up every single potential entry way into their systems; the bad guys only need to find one entry way once.”

    – from Vidal Lupian, Director of Information Technology

    Products & Services

    Remote Management and Monitoring: Our remote monitoring and management tool empowers us to efficiently monitor and manage your IT systems, ensuring seamless performance, security, and reporting.

    Antivirus with Advanced Threat Detection and Response: Protect your valuable data and systems from malicious threats with our robust antivirus solutions that proactively detect and neutralize malware, viruses, and other cyber threats.

    Backup and Backup Storage: Safeguard your critical data with our reliable backup solutions and secure storage, ensuring that your information is protected and can be easily restored in case of emergencies or system failures.

    Automated Updates: Stay up to date and secure with our automated patching service, which ensures that your software and systems are regularly updated with the latest security patches, reducing vulnerabilities, and enhancing stability.

    Remote and Onsite Support

    Configuration and Support for Single Sign On, Multi-factor Authentication and Encryption

    We offer a unique advantage: we do not charge a separate hourly rate for helpdesktickets. With our transparent pricing structure, you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t face unexpected costs for resolving technical issues. Our dedicated helpdesk team is here to provide prompt assistance and resolve your IT challenges without any additional hourly charges, ensuring cost-effective and reliable support for your business.

    Success Stories

    Granite GRC deployed a SIEM to a client and within months it paid for itself by quickly alerting the firm of a cyber security breach at a vendor who regularly provides software updates for the firm. Our quick actions and responsiveness allowed for successful mitigation of the threat!

    Meet the Cyber Security Team Lead

    Headshot for Vidal Lupian, Technology Consultant at Granite GRC Consultant
    Headshot for Vidal Lupian, Technology Consultant at Granite GRC Consultant

    Vidal Lupian

    Director of Information Technology; Cyber Security Team Lead

    Vidal Lupian, Director of Information Technology, works closely with clients to ensure all technology needs are met. He also plays an active role in forming and executing Granite GRC’s internal IT strategy, including maintaining and improving network performance, security and infrastructure. Vidal’s background includes consulting with businesses on projects involving upgrading network infrastructure, managing help desks, and executing and streamlining internal processes. He applies this experience to working with Granite GRC clients to improve their IT processes and infrastructure.



    Anthony Sims

    Cyber Security Analyst

    Anthony Sims, Cyber Security Analyst, has a unique perspective on cyber security. His background working as an authorized attacker for the United States Navy allows him to anticipate cyber attacks, security breaches, and unauthorized access. He has expertise in monitoring, analyzing, and responding to security incidents, and implementing security measures. Anthony is dedicated to helping Granite GRC clients with network security analysis, and security policy development and implementation to mitigate risk.

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