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Corporate Governance and
Risk Management

Driving excellence in value creation, sustainability and performance.

We fully assess your most pressing challenges and provide recommendations in all areas of legal and regulatory risk management and corporate governance.

Addressing Needs and Challenges

Granite GRC mentors and assists leaders to build success by focusing on practices that are most effective in driving improved value creation, sustainability, and performance. Our work includes board and committee design and processes, board composition, skills, processes and execution, compliance, privacy and legal risk management controls and programs, and counseling on risk management, compliance, and cyber security concerns. Together, we partner with you to facilitate strong oversight of your most critical legal areas of legal and regulatory risk.

    Structuring Great Corporate Governance

    We work with you to determine the type of board structure that best fits your needs, and to establish a strategy-driven approach for improved board designs  and procedures, clarifying and differentiating decision-making responsibilities among business owners, boards of directors and management.

      Effective and Efficient Policies and Processes

      We help you outline a clear commitment to your key principles and expectations for sustainability in performance and to facilitate effective policies in core business areas including financial performance and accountability, sustainable development, risk management, business ethics and compliance, ESG initiatives, and other areas.

        “Our experienced group of professionals have exceptional experience as company owners or board directors, reporting to owners and boards, and advising owners and boards on value creation, sustainability and performance. Leveraging our experience and skills we help boards run effectively and efficiently for optimum performance.”

        – from Jeffrey B. Miller, Director-in-Charge

        Building and Sustaining High Performance

        We evaluate your board’s efficacy, identifying opportunities to enhance performance, training directors in best-of-class governance practices, and coaching and advising leaders in how to better manage effective board meetings.

        Board and Leadership Training

        We work with boards and senior leaders to explain the full spectrum of the governance, risk and compliance, and educate them on material issues relevant to their business operations to help mitigate risk, drive value creation and establish accountability.

        Risk Identification, Assessment and Management

        Our structured approach to identifying, assessing and mitigating risks includes the identification, prioritization, and mapping of risks against business objectives and strategies. Understanding your risk appetite, we help measure potential risk impact before and after the application of proven risk mitigation strategies. Our systematic approach evaluates risk and potential mitigation options, including projected costs and benefits; identification of risk ownership; recommendations for tailored solutions; and where requeste assistance with the implementation of these actions.

        Success Stories

        With a focus on matters involving legal and regulatory risk management, Granite GRC’s professionals have advised boards and owners of large, international conglomerates through middle-market growth companies to smaller proprietorships. In each instance our clients have succeeded in improving their corporate enterprise oversight with a focus on value creation, sustainability, and high performance.

        Granite GRC’s professionals counseled the board of directors of a leading global company with over 12,000 employees working in 36 countries through an international investigation involving the US Department of Justice, the US Food and Drug Administration, and the US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General, and including a shareholder’s derivative lawsuit worth hundreds of million of dollars. Through this process we collaborated with the board to restructure committees and processes, trained board members, and designed and instituted company-wide controls, training and reporting processes worldwide to improve information to and decision-making by the board, as well as oversight by the board and the company’s senior leadership team.

        Over a period of 3 years, Granite GRC’s professionals counseled the board of directors and senior leadership team of a large, complex international company through a $23.5 billion USD acquisition, helping to facilitate the sale and closing of the transaction, and post-close leading the company’s compliance and risk management functions through successful integration into a larger international company.




        “Granite GRC’s consulting expertise and customer service are excellent. Granite’s professionals worked closely with our colleagues to understand our needs and priorities, worked efficiently, and provided well-informed, detailed insights into our strengths and areas of improvement . . . I highly recommend Granite GRC to any organization that is assessing or improving the effectiveness of its current compliance or privacy program or starting a new program!”

        -from Chief Operating Officer, Halo Diagnostics

        Meet the Corporate Governance and Risk Management Team Leads

        Jeffrey B. Miller, Esq.


        Jeffrey B. Miller, Esq. is a trusted advisor for clients across the business spectrum, with an emphasis on businesses involved in healthcare and the life sciences, and their supporting service providers and suppliers. Working with clients that range from startup organizations to large, complex international conglomerates, Jeff collaborates with organizational owners, board members, financial backers (including private equity), executive management and staff of all levels to strategically address corporate governance matters and challenges, risk identification, mitigation and management, information privacy, cyber security, payment, reimbursement and revenue integrity, and corporate ethics and compliance. Jeff’s services focus on improving the effectiveness, quality, integrity, compliance, speed, and efficiency of organizational operations, while enhancing company value.

        Headshot of Clivetty Martinez, Senior Consultant at Granite GRC Consulting

        Clivetty Martinez, Ph.D., CCEP, CHC, MOT

        Director, Compliance and Privacy Services

        Clivetty Martinez, Ph.D., CCEP, CHC, MOT, is an internationally recognized, seasoned professional with global compliance and privacy experience in the healthcare, life sciences and consumer products industries. She has designed, built, developed, and led global compliance and privacy programs at several multinational companies across the pharmaceutical, consumer products, medical device, lab services and animal health industries. She has held several positions of increasing responsibilities up to and including Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer in national and global companies including Johnson & Johnson, Myriad Genetics, Akorn Pharmaceuticals, Perrigo, and Wyeth.

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