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Companies everywhere desire the benefits that come with strong reputations as law abiding, good corporate citizens. Keeping fully compliant while efficiently delivering the best services and products, however, is not always easy in challenging, competitive and highly regulated environments. Granite GRC’s experienced and skilled professionals have shared and overcome these challenges, leading organizations to develop simple, effective solutions that maintain compliance while enhancing customer experiences, revenues and reputations.

As an organization focused on effective, efficient and operationally-sound compliance, we provide:

  • Risk identification, mitigation and management plans and execution
  • System and transaction assessments and analyses
  • Controls design, effectiveness analysis and benchmarking
  • Function and program development and execution
  • Policies, procedures and best practices
  • Education and training
  • Incident investigations and analyses
  • Responding to agency and commercial inquiries and audits
  • Negotiating, structuring and implementing settlements
  • Third party risk evaluation and management
  • Internal review organization services
  • Interim and consulting compliance officer services

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