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Providing next step solutions for administration, operations, revenue and compliance.

The focus on behavioral health services has never been as great as it is right now — and that means the demands on behavioral health providers are high, resulting in stretched staff and an overburdened system. While technological advancements and expansions in payor coverage have made treatment more accessible for patients, the increased burden has caused inefficiencies, management challenges, and has triggered errors, resulting in lost revenues, deficiencies in compliance (including documentation, coding, billing) and other lost opportunities.

The Granite GRC Behavioral Health Practice Group’s experienced professionals have spent decades in behavioral health administration, and guide you and your staff in identifying, measuring and addresses the challenges you encounter in this new, dynamic environment. Working with you we implement tailored, well-designed solutions for your immediate and future success. Addressing your operational, risk management, performance improvement, revenue, and compliance matters, we improve your processes, strengthen your operations, increase your resiliency, and raise your overall business performance.

Addressing Needs and Challenges

Whether inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, or traditional psychotherapy treatment services, behavioral healthcare is complex. Our behavioral health professionals drill down to specific issues involved in your organization’s programs and deliver solutions that work. When it comes to your revenues, one of our particular areas of strength, our dedicated team is well-versed in all facets, including:

  • Payor contracting, including FFS, PPS, risk adjustment, capitation, bundled payments, value-based, shared savings and other payment models.
  • Healthcare revenue cycle management, from credentialing through appeal of denials.
  • Coding and billing documentation review and analyses.
  • Medicare Incentive Payment System (MIPS) analyses and improvement.
  • Denials management and appeal.
  • Credit balance reviews.

We’ll work with your facility and train staff using proven methods, holding ourselves accountable during the process.

  • We immerse ourselves in your practices and procedures, identifying risks, non- compliance issues and areas needing improvement.
  • We develop strategies and training schedules to help your team make and meet goals.
  • We fortify your staff with the tools to improve operations and understand the best way to implement these strategies.
  • We assist with the design of policies & tools for quality assurance/performance improvement.
  • Our team will guide your facility staff through the accreditation (i.e. CARF, Joint Commission) compliance process.
“Our risk management and performance improvement process helps clients monitor and mitigate real time risks,” says C. Lynn Ruppersberger-Swisher, PhD, Managing Consultant, and Behavioral Health Team Co-Lead.

“Our performance improvement coaching teaches staff to be accountable for operational performance.”

Trusted Guidance, Hands-On Approach

Our trusted advisors are recognized authorities in their areas of expertise, many with more than three decades of healthcare industry experience working inside enterprises similar to yours. They’ve sat in your seat and know what it’s like to address concerns from inside an organization. We use that experience to find great solutions that benefit you. “After we identify the issues throughout your organization, together we address your most pressing challenges, recommend solutions and design customized programs and training,” says Crystal. “We are passionate about helping your team achieve success.”

  • We communicate frequently and transparently with your team about their goals and ensure they understand what’s expected of them.
  • Our strategies help leadership and staff to hold themselves accountable.
  • We measure and monitor progress regularly and offer reports that let you change course and redirect resources when necessary to eliminate processes that aren’t working and amplify those that are.
  • We support you during critical organizational transitions, investigations, accreditation inspections, audits, transformations, and other events.
  • We streamline operations for greater efficiencies; improve morale and communication; reduce turnover, and so much more.

Meet the Behavioral Health Team Leads

C. Lynn Ruppersberger-Swisher, PhD, MBA, RN, NHA, CHCQM, FAIHQ

Managing Consultant

Lynn has nearly three decades of experience in healthcare operations, quality, and management. Her expertise in organizational psychology, clinical care, clinical research, managed care, and administration reflects her vast experience as a multidisciplinary, respected professional. Lynn provides management communication, leadership excellence and service excellence coaching to individual healthcare professionals as well as healthcare facilities.

Crystal R. Stalter, CPC, CCS-P, CDIP, CCDS-O

Director, Revenue Cycle Assessment and Compliance

Author, speaker and managing consultant Crystal Stalter is nationally recognized as an authority in healthcare best practices, medical coding, clinical documentation, natural language processes and artificial intelligence (AI). She brings 20 years of experience in revenue cycle management, compliance, practice management, strategy, training, coding operations, communications, data analysis and more, providing superior guidance and helping healthcare professionals.

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