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Jeffrey Miller and Vidal Lupian to Speak on Cybersecurity for “A Day in Health Law 2021” by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute

Oct 25, 2021 | News


Contact: Jeffrey B. Miller, Esq. – Director-in-Charge
Business Address: Lancaster, PA
Phone: (717) 556-1088
Date: October 25, 2021

LANCASTER, Pa., October 25, 2021 – Granite GRC Consulting experts Jeffrey B. Miller, Esq. and Vidal Lupian are among the faculty teaching virtual classes during the Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s (PBI’s) “A Day in Health Law 2021” on October 25 which features the “best of the best” topics and speakers from PBI’s Health Law Institute 2021 offerings. Miller and Lupian will cover critical trends and best practices in cybersecurity – a topic that is of increasing concern for law firms of all sizes, especially those involved in handling protected health information. Their class is titled “Keeping Your Secrets: Practical Cyber Security Strategies for You and Your Firms.”

“Over the past five years or so, we’ve seen a real trend in cybercriminals targeting smaller organizations like law firms that may have fewer or weaker security measures in place,” Miller said. “Combined with headline-grabbing ransomware attacks on hospitals, cybersecurity should a paramount concern for lawyers and firms generally, but especially for anyone looking to serve health care clients.”

Miller is the director-in-charge at Granite GRC Consulting, where he helps clients strategically address corporate governance matters and challenges, risk identification, mitigation and management, reimbursement and revenue integrity, and corporate ethics and compliance. The firm specializes in cybersecurity solutions for a range of organizations that include health care providers and law firms.

Lupian is a technology consultant for Granite GRC Consulting. He works closely with a team of experienced IT consultants to design and implement secure, complex infrastructure involving hardware, software and cloud applications. He also plays an active role in forming and executing Granite GRC’s internal IT strategy, including maintaining and improving network performance, security and infrastructure.

PBI is the continuing legal education arm of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. PBI seeks to provide accessible, high-quality CLE opportunities to its members and the wider Pennsylvania legal community.


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