GDPR has never been this easy!

Granite GRC will guide you through creating legally compliant documentation.

Foxondo LogoGranite GRC is an expert when it comes to information privacy and security, including GDPR compliance. Don’t let GDPR compliance rules and documentation be overwhelming – Granite GRC will provide you with the knowledge and tools to make GDPR compliance easy for you – from start to finish.

We offer a simple, easy to use analysis tool to determine if your business is legally compliant with EU laws and standards. You can create and maintain documentation for everything related to data protection, including:

  • General data protection organization
  • Overview of processing activities (processes)
  • Module for contractual agreements
  • Documentation of technical and organizational measures (TOMs)
  • Area for the DPO’s annual data protection report
  • Recording and assessing data breaches
  • Carrying out data protection impact assessments (DPIA)
  • Creation of a deletion concept
  • Creation and review of IT usage guidelines
  • Review of data protection contracts
  • Audit of video surveillance
  • Checklist for the use of Microsoft365

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