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Granite GRC exists to deliver governance, risk and compliance consulting solutions that go beyond organizational advice. We believe GRC is, and must be, the cornerstone of business health, sustainability and success.


Our diverse team of consultants partners with your executive team to identify governance, risk, and compliance needs and to guide you through complex situations to achieve business results.


Maintaining a strong and consistent governance structure is crucial for strategic decision-making and business health.


Risk is an inevitable factor of all business structures. However, with the right plan in place your team can set itself up for success.


Compliance is a nuanced and evolving practice area that can be tricky to navigate. Ensure your business is of sound mind with the right policies and structures.

IT Solutions

Security is our optimal concern, and our team is prepared to ensure that your data and systems are safe.


Our team of consultants have experience in various industries to guide you through a customized approach to find the strategic solutions that best fits your needs.

Anticipating organizational challenges for your future.